Applications Across Industries: How Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Deliver

Applications Across Industries: How Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Deliver

Pumps that operate with air can be maintained easily they are a cost effective solution for a variety of applications. Self priming and hermetically sealed, they maintain variable expulsion pressure without needing a complicated operating.

The elastomer diaphragm flexes between two pumping chambers, creating positive or negative pressure differences which can be utilized to move fluid – sucked into the discharge area and then pushed away during suction. This cycle is repeated continuously.

Fluid Transfer Innovation

Double diaphragm air operated pumps (AODD) can be a flexible pumping option that can move many different liquids and viscosities. They’re safer as compared to other pumps since they don’t require electricity and can be specified to be used in ATEX zones, Hygienic uses and 3A certifications.

The two diaphragms are linked by a central portion that is home to the air valve. This valve is able to channel air that is compressed towards the rear of diaphragm one, which causes it to produce a press stroke pushing the liquid out of the pump. At the same time diaphragm number two performs suction stroke. It is achieved by the air pressure pushing liquid through the suction valve. Flow is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump. This motion of pumping is similar to the exhalation/inhalation idea of breathing in humans.

Versatile Pumping Solution

The positive displacement nature of AODD pumps makes sure the ability to handle liquids across an array of different industries. In the event of the possibility of having access to an air compressed supply the pump can be used wherever required.

AODD pumps do not have seals, so there is no necessity for a complex system to control flow rates and pressures. Elastomers for the diaphragm can be selected to suit the fluid, with different durometers available to provide varying levels of resistance to chemicals and environmental conditions. The shape and the molded form of the diaphragm has an impact on the flow rate and pressure as well as lifespan. It is essential to a successful installation. Making the best choice for your project will assist to cut down on operating costs overall.


Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) are driven by compressed air, eliminating the risk that electricity could contact a device. They can be used in situations where it’s unsafe or not possible to use electric pumps as they don’t emit sparks, flashing, gia bom mang khi nen the leakage or short circuits.

Pumps like these are great for the transportation of liquids with shear sensitivities which is the best choice for applications where a product needs to be delivered from beneath the surface. They are also very portable and can be made into a compact configuration.

Wetted construction materials may be different, ranging from a choice from the 316L Stainless Steel, Neoprene, Viton or PTFE to make the diaphragms and balls. In the case of a specific application an appropriate choice of materials is required for optimal chemical compatibility. These pumps are intrinsically safe and could be ATEX accredited for use in hazardous environments.

Pump Applications Across Industries

Air operated diaphragm pumps can move different liquids from highly viscosity chemical through food and even fuel. They are able to cope with solids that are up to 40% weight, and can be adjusted to suit flow rates and pressure requirements for every installation.

During the suction cycle compressed air fills one of the inner chambers, which then pushes one diaphragm in the other direction towards the chamber that contains liquid and then lifts lower valve balls to draw in fluid. When the suction cycle is finished, air switch is turned off, and the procedure repeats, alternating between the two diaphragms to create a double acting pumping action.

Typically, these pumps have stroke counters that can be integrated into PLC systems to monitor their performance and manage maintenance schedules. These pumps can also come with internal pulsation dampeners to reduce vibration and water hammer.

Maintenance and Reliability

Like most pumps, double diaphragm pump (AODD) are able to run dry and do not require electrical power. This makes them the workhorses of industrial pumps. But, they need to be maintained properly in order so that they can be used for long periods of time and durability.

Inspections on a regular basis can avoid frequent problems like a damaged diaphragm or valve that can significantly decrease your pump’s life. The material that your diaphragm’s constructed of (EPDM rubber or PTFE) is a factor that affects its life and stiffness.

Monitoring the location of valves that are manually controlled for suction and discharge in maintenance may assist in the prevention of issues such as blockage of the pump. A lack of lubrication, or improper installation of the pump could lead to a host of difficulties.

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