Tamil Web series To Watch During Isolation

Tamil Web series To Watch During Isolation

Do you enjoy watching ROM com? Is watching ROMcom the only way you can relax after a hectic day at the office? Then you must surely watch the recent addition of Honeymoon on the platform of aha. It is a romantic comedy And one of the best additions to web series for the romantic genre.

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Watch all the episodes of this series today and have a great unwinding experience.

The cast of Honeymoon 

The web series honeymoon has been directed by Sakkath Studio Creative Team. Excellent and selected cast for the web series is Nagabhushana, SanjanaAnand, Pawan Kumar, ApoorvaBharadwaj, AnandNinasam, Mahadev, Poorna, and ArchanaKotige.

The lead roles in the web series have been played by Nagabhushan and SanjanaAnand.

Story of Honeymoon

The storyline of the web series honeymoon is based on an arranged marriage setting between the characters Praveen and Tejaswini. After the arranged marriage, as the couple flies away on honeymoon, the actual plot of the web series unravels.

While the husband has quite the personality of the boy next door, the wife has a more open-minded and free-spirited personality. Tejaswini had quite a dominant role in the duo’s relationship. The rest of the series deals with the plot of how the innocent Lad and the strong-willed women Bond together while on their honeymoon trip.

What to expect from Honeymoon?

The writing of the web series has been excellently done. The plot of the series has quite a basic setup with relatable situations, which makes it quite a relatable watch for the viewers. The love-and hate-relationship between the couple has been presented in a wonderful and heartwarming manner throughout the series.

Watch the Tamil web series on aha.

If you are someone who enjoys watching romantic comedies, then you must definitely watch the recent addition that aha has made on the trending OTT platform aha. The new Tamil web series Honeymoon has been launched on the platform aha. Along with this, you can also watch content belonging to different genres exclusively on aha.